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Fun & effective peer recognition

RecognizePeers offers a simple-to-use SaaS platform. The extensive feature set will ensure employees feel appreciated. It brings people together. It improves morale and results in higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Living Values

Put your values front and centre. Broadcast example behaviour. Report on them.

  • Linked to your values
    All recognitions are linked to one or more of your company values
  • Filter wall on values
    Easily view example behaviour for one specific value
  • Reporting on values
    Learn about value adaption, over time, per unit, …

Positive Change

Inspire and entice employees to show desired behaviour. Deploy proven methods to realise change.

  • Promote Positivity
    Appreciation for great work improves morale
  • Social Storytelling
    Short stories make desired behaviour tangible
  • Positive Reinforcement
    Nudge for behavioural change

Reinforce Teams

Perfect for individual and team recognition. Sometimes it’s really a team that delivers the difference.

  • Recognize Teams
    Show gratitude for great work by a group
  • Team Redemption
    Allow teams to pool points for experiences
  • Team View
    Keep the team pulse and view member cards

Platform Prowess

Turnkey, leading SaaS platform that’s highly configurable to suit your needs.

  • All Devices
    Desktop, tablet and of course smartphone ready.
  • Integration Ready
    Link with HRIS or collaboration SW to keep employees in the flow
  • Single Sign-on
    Authenticate once, do not require multiple log-ins

Actionable Analytics

Use big data on recognition to take control of your engagement or culture program.

  • Discover Greatness
    Break down employee recognition to show top players
  • HR Analytics
    Link recognition with talent data for real insight
  • Manager Reporting
    The right reporting for the right people at the right time

We've merely scratched the surface.

Learn how RecognizePeers can engage your people and make them flourish.

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